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“As a team , we are committed to provide high quality medical, health and life science research products and services at the most reasonable cost through professional and ethical marketing practices.”


“To be a socially responsible provider of premium goods and services vital to the health , quality of life , and research needs for the development of the nation through professional and ethical marketing practices.”


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Our Story

Established in 1973 by a group of doctors, Medical Test Systems, Inc. (MEDTEST) developed its own “Hepato-Test” — an immunologic test (Alpha-Fetoprotein) for detecting liver cancer and distributed it to major hospitals in the country. Thereafter, MEDTEST became a distributor of diagnostics and research products of several foreign manufacturing principals including Life Technologies, Mast Diagnostics, and BD.

In the late 1980’s, MEDTEST was appointed as exclusive distributor of Hepatitis-B vaccine from Cheil Jedang of Korea, supplying among others the Department of Health for its Expanded Programme on Immunization for a number of years. When Cheil Jedang discontinued its plasma-derived vaccine, MEDTEST shifted to and distributed the recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine from Shantha Biotechnic of India until 2010 when the latter was acquired by Sanofi Aventis who discontinued the sale of the vaccine in several countries, including the Philippines.

To expand its product portfolio following the loss of the Hepatitis B vaccine, MEDTEST became a distributor of laboratory equipment and instruments from Applied Biosystems and Thermo Fisher Scientific. These products achieved remarkable growth since its inception in 2011.

Who we are

Medical Test Systems, Inc. (MEDTEST) is a Filipino-owned company with 130 stockholders to date, half of which are doctors whose backgrounds range from academe, research, and clinical. This involvement in various specialities drives MEDTEST to influence to a large extent the trends in health practices in the Philippines.

MEDTEST is a SEC, DTI, and BFAD registered distributor of instruments, reagents, and consumables for life science research and selected clinical and industrial markets in the country.

MEDTEST has the technical know-how and reputation which placed it in a strong and strategic position to take on and market other products related to health and life science research in the country. This is in addition to its well-established marketing expertise and proven track record of selling and distributing a wide variety of products in highly competitive environment.

MEDTEST has the organization, capacity, and assets to resolve in venturing into new businesses and operations that can generate reasonable investment returns.

Our Partners

Since 1973, MEDTEST has been the authorized distributor for GIBCO and BRL products which merged to become Life Technologies until acquired by Invitrogen in 2000.

In 2010, Invitrogen acquired Applied Biosystems and MEDTEST was appointed as distributor in April 2011.

In 2008, a merger between Invitrogen and Applied Biosystems was finalized, creating Life Technologies. The latter was acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2014 and MEDTEST has since become a channel partner.


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