Identification of human biomaterials is best done by analyzing the Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) in the DNA. STR profiling has a wide range of applications in forensic caseworks, paternity tests, human chimerism screening, cell line authentication, and cancer screening. We offer a comprehensive solution from Thermo Fisher Scientific™ for STR profiling from DNA extraction up to data analysis. To top it all off, the GeneMapper™ ID-X Software provides comprehensive and informative features for STR data interpretation.

For laboratories desiring to complement their human STR profiling workflow, we deliver a next-generation sequencing-based approach to analyze mitochondrial DNA, Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs), and STRs. Information from these DNA sequences are integrated using the Converge™ Software for a more convenient and easier interpretation of results.

Featured Products:

  • GlobalFiler™ and VeriFiler™ Plus STR Amplification Kits
  • HID Ion GeneStudio™ and HID Ion Chef™ System
  • Precision ID Panels and Converge™ Software

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