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Calling all “cloners”! Join global experts as they share the latest trends and innovations that will elevate performance and efficiency in your molecular cloning and protein expression experiments.
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Join us for an enlightening webinar and learn about groundbreaking insights into leveraging dPCR technology to combat Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in children. Register now!

Get ready for a monthly virtual meet-up, “Let’s Talk Flow,” where we delve into all things flow cytometry!

Let’s Talk Flow – A flow cytometry monthly meetup

We are excited to invite you to the 1st live session of “Let’s Talk Flow”. A virtual, monthly meetup to learn more about flow cytometry best practices. This month of April, we’ll delve into the most effective techniques and realistic considerations for performing antibody titrations.

Did you know that titrating your antibodies is a key step in the flow cytometry workflow to minimize non-specific binding?

Learn more on Wednesday, April 24, 2024!

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Until then, here are 3 important outcomes of titrating your antibodies:

‣ Maximize the separation between positive and negative populations.
‣ Minimize non-specific binding.
‣ Establish the highest labeling efficiency of your antibody.

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This month of May, mark your calendars for an insightful discussion on 
Fluorophores – Bright is not always better (Part 1)

📅 Event Date: 29th May 2024

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🧪 In this exciting two-part series, Thermo Fisher Scientific expert panel design team will shed light on the principles behind selecting the best fluorophores and next month the innovative R&D scientists will unveil how fluorophore intensity can impact spreading error.

Don’t miss this enlightening journey into the world of fluorescence!

📢 Calling all flow cytometrists!
Are you looking to enhance the resolution of the markers in your flow cytometry panel? Look no further!
Join us for the second installment of the monthly webinar series, Let’s Talk Flow, with a focus on fluorophores – bright is not always better. In this month’s session, expert panel design team will shed light on the principles behind selecting the appropriate fluorophores. Gain valuable insights during a 15-minute presentation that will revolutionize your fluorescence experiments. But wait, there’s more. In addition to the presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a live 15-minute Q&A session with the team of scientists. Get your burning questions answered by the experts themselves! Join us on May 29, 2024 at 10:00 am PDT/1:00 pm EDT for part one of this two-part series. Next month, R&D scientists will unveil how the intensity of your selected fluorophore can influence spreading error. So make sure to secure your spot for both sessions!

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Join in the recurring Let’s Talk Flow webinar and learn about how fluorophores can best fit into your experiment!

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Visit “For the Love of Digital PCR 2024” on May 23, 2024 and tune into the next set of educational webinars. Don’t miss the chance to learn from experts and help improve your research productivity with dPCR automation. Register now for session 2!

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Hear from global visionaries at the forefront of DNA technology as they share their insights, expertise, and groundbreaking contributions to forensics and human identification.

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Technology and Process Advancements in Cell and Gene Therapy Development

We are launching the new qPCR master mix reagent – TaqPath DuraPlex 1-step RT-qPCR master mix now.

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Endotoxin Testing – An overview of methods, best practices, and regulatory considerations

Panel Discussion Series: Biomedical Diagnostics

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