The Future of Cutting-Edge Genomic Technologies for Liquid Biopsy Cancer Research


Liquid biopsy is an emerging area of clinical research, particularly in the context of cancer. As a minimally invasive complementary or alternative approach to tissue biopsies, liquid biopsies are less risky, painful, and costly, and are increasingly being used to analyze biomarkers in liquid samples, such as blood. Recent advances in genomic technologies, such as digital PCR (dPCR) and next-generation sequencing (NGS), have enabled researchers to more comprehensively detect and study cancer-related mutations, even when they are very rare.  

With this panel of key opinion leaders in the liquid biopsy space, we dive deeper into the impact of genomics and genomics technologies on the current and future of liquid biopsy clinical research and cancer management. At Thermo Fisher Scientific we are committed to developing robust sample preparation solutions for cell-free nucleic acids and highly sensitive liquid biopsy assays utilizing both dPCR and targeted NGS to enable cancer driver identification, serial monitoring, and potential recurrence detection. 

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